Mum,Joan,Robbie & Self

Mum, Joan, Robbie & Self


Me. Born 2/3/1939   Melbourne, AustraliaArrived Fiji, April 1941

The Bosso

Ex-husband. Robin Mercer   M.B.E./Ex BankerPlantation owner/Boss,   Ornithologist,Taxidermist, Pig Hunter,  Diver, etc.etc.


Only child Richard Dennis. Born Suva, Fiji, April, 1968


Sister. Joan Carolyn, Born Ba Fiji, April, 1943


Sister. Robyn Joy Born, Suva Fiji, March 1952

Mum & Dad

Rev. Dr Alan and Edna Tippett. Methodist Missionary Teachers

Cuvu Mission Station

Opposite the now Fijian Resort. First Memories 1941 –   1943

Richmond Mission Station

Kadavu, Pre-teen years 1943 – 1949

Suva Mission

Early teen 1949 – 1953

Bau Island

The Island of History, 1953 – 1957 Teens
Davuilevu Theological  College Young adult years 1957 – 1961
Suva Young bank wife 1961 – 1969
Savusavu Plantation, resort years. Built and owned, Kontiki Lodge, Namale Resort 1969-1985
Unwritten The blank years 1985 – 1993 Maybe a sequel…one day
Lomaloma, Lau The writing years 1994 – 1998
Nukubati   Island The Rejuvenation years  2002 – 2009


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