Special thanks to …

Peter & Jenny Bourke Sincere thanks for care & inspiration … a special time in my life in a very special place.

Tamy Hollingsworth – for her valiant marathon in deciphering my handwriting & Fijian names for the first draft!

Zelma Gartner – For support and reminding!

Joan Tippett – The best sister in the world, final drafting computer expert & getting the old girl on the road!

Robi Wilcox – for the cartoons.

John Deckert, Robert Norrington, Donna Wade, Rudi & Ingor & Joan Tippett for their photos – to pad mine out.

Asena Steiner…another computer whiz

Lastly, but by no means least, my ‘agilosi’ Christa Engelmann, whose kindness & expertise made this book possible … Thank you Lewa!

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