Bose                       Meeting, conference

Chooks                  Chickens, laying hens

Continental          A brand name, made in Australia similar to Maggi

Dadakulaci           Black and white banded sea snake

Dalo                       Taro root

Dogo                      Mangrove

Hiding                   Smacking, paddling, beating etc

Kai                         Fresh water mussels

Kaikoso                Small clams

Kokoda                Marinated raw fish

Kumala                Sweet potatoes, yams (U.S.)

Lali                       Native wooden drum

Lolo                      Coconut cream

Lovo                     Ground oven

Magi magi           Sinnet…coconut fibre rope

Miti                      A coconut cream sauce with lemon and seasonings

Pawpaws             Papayas

Rara                     Village green

Roti                      Indian round flat bread, similar to a tortilla

Rou rou               Taro leaves

Sevu sevu            Offering, presentation of gift for request, forgiveness etc

Talatala Qase     Senior Minister (literal translation – messenger, old!)

Tavioka               Tapioca, cassava

Tevoro                 Spirits, devils, spooks

Vinaka                 Good or Thank-you

Waga in Viti       Fijian canoe

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