About the Book

This book has had a lot of thought & love …. I could have continued with a multitude more stories, or as Dad would say ‘yarns’ … Dad was big on ‘yarns’… We called them ‘around the grog bowl (kava bowl) stories. … meaning while being true, were quite often embroidered a little. Richard & I would often sit and reminisce for stories & there are dozens out there. More often than not, laughing our heads off, but one must needs have a cut off point somewhere ….

I remember when I first started jotting things down, I was living out on Yanuyanu at Lomaloma, working for Ratu Mara our then Prime Minister (which used to seem like halfway to Tonga). After the builders knocked off & went back to the mainland for the night, I would be totally alone. I would spend my evenings in the huge main building,’ long handing’ my stories & anecdotes. Remember  something and start laughing out loud …. If there had been anyone there to pass by, they would have thought that the solitude was getting to me & the old girl was going off her head!!!

There are a heap of stories about that place too … e.g. when a big centipede came up the wash basin drain which I killed with my hairbrush ( & broke it!) hate those things! … Ratu  Mara’s favourite … my Bure was close to the Chiefly graveyard … some fishermen came knocking on my window before dawn with crayfish … I used some not very ladylike words … I thought the spooks were out & about …. Well, it was pitch black … very scary!!

Hhmmmm … maybe I should think about a sequel … in the mean time I hope you enjoy this one.

Regards, Lynette

Take a look and get your copy!


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